Ram Mount RAM-ROD 2007 Fly Rod Jr. Fishing Rod Holder with Track Ball Base [RAP-341-TRA1U]

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RAM-ROD® 2007 Fly Rod Jr. Fishing Rod Holder with Track Ball™ Base

The RAM-ROD® 2007 Fly Rod Jr. holder is one of the most popular rod holders for the kayak angler due to its simplicity and adjust-ability. Utilizing the unique ball and socket technology, you can rotate and adjust the rod holder almost infinitely making this rod holder ideal for kayak fishing. This rod holder is designed for use with fly rods and reels. Includes a Track Ball™ for connecting to virtually any track system including the RAM Tough-Track™. 

Specs & Features

High Strength Composite

Ball Size:
1.5" Rubber Ball Size

Part number reflects product packaged in a poly bag.

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