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Longhorn Lithium 36v 60Ah Marine Battery

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  • 11 Year Best-in-Class Warranty

  • Only 38lbs! 75% Lighter than a SLA Battery

  • Safe and Secure with our Active BMS

  • Compact Group 31 Size 

  • 6,000 Cycle Life Span 

  • Waterproof Charger Included!

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  • 11 Year Best-in-Class Warranty

  • Only 38lbs! 75% Lighter than a SLA Battery

  • Safe and Secure with our Active BMS

  • Compact Group 31 Size 

  • 6,000 Cycle Life Span 

  • Waterproof Charger Included!



“This battery is a game changer! Lasts a full 8 hour day of hard fishing in current and still has charge left. Love that they provide a waterproof charger that I mounted in the boat. Highly recommend! ”

- Jordan L. Houston, TX

Introducing the Longhorn Lithium 36v 60Ah Marine Battery: Your Ticket to Unbridled Power and Reliability

Fellow anglers, listen up! This is more than just a battery; it's a high-octane power vault ready to propel you into the future of angling and maritime fun. Imagine a staggering 60Ah energy capacity managed by a state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) that's smarter than your average fish—making real-time, on-the-money decisions to keep you in the Goldilocks zone of battery performance. At a feather-light 38 lbs and a compact Group 31 size, this marvel brings you unparalleled portability without an ounce of compromise on vigor or reliability. Oh, did we mention the Bluetooth app? Track real-time stats and be in command, because who likes nasty surprises on an epic boating day? Not us.

But wait, we’re not throwing you in the deep end without a life vest. Our game-changing 11-year warranty has got you covered longer than any other battery dares. Test the waters with our 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You don’t just get a battery; you also receive a high-caliber, waterproof 36V 15Amp charger, ensuring your aquatic adventures are never torpedoed by subpar equipment. This is more than a purchase; it’s a lifetime investment in unhindered, high-powered boating and angling adventures. Prepare to be blown away. Intrigued? Hungry for more? Then keep reading, because what follows is a deep dive into why this is the last battery you'll ever need.

Competed In:

Bulletproof BMS: Because Your Battery Should Be Smarter Than a Fish

Look, the heart of any battery is its cells—but the brain? That's the Battery Management System (BMS). Think of it as the gutsy field general making real-time, no-nonsense decisions.

Cell Balancing Like a Wall Street Wizard

Every cell pulls its weight, ensuring that the battery functions like a well-oiled machine. No slackers allowed.

High & Low Voltage Cutoffs: Your Safety Net

Overcharge is a rookie mistake; undercharge is for amateurs. Our BMS ensures you stay in the Goldilocks zone—just right.

Short Circuit Protection: Sparks? Only for Big Fish

Don't gamble with safety. Our system sniffs out short circuits faster than you can say "fish on" and shuts it down.

High-Temp Shielding: Stay Cool, Even Under Heat

Overheating is for other batteries. With our BMS, things stay cool, even when your catch is sizzling.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

No BS—Just Pure Power: Key Features and Specs

Performance and Durability: Unmatched in the Boating World

11-Year No Joke Warranty and 60-Day Test Drive

Enjoy an unmatched 11-year warranty against any manufacturer defects. No BS, just stellar coverage. And hey, if you're not feeling it, you've got 60 days to send it back for a full refund (minus a modest 10% restocking fee).


First 5 years? We’ve got your back with full repairs or replacement. Years 5 to 8? Just a minor $150 service charge. And for the final stretch—years 8 to 11—you're looking at a 30% discount on your next game-changing battery. This isn’t just a warranty; it's a decade-plus promise to keep you powered up and outlasting the competition.

Light as a Feather, Strong as an Ox

At 38 lbs and a Group 31 size, this battery is a marvel of portability without sacrificing an ounce of performance. To put it in perspective, you'd typically be lugging around three Group 31 sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries weighing up to 195 lbs combined. We've cut that down to a mere 38 lbs—offering more than 80% weight reduction—without losing any of the punch. This battery stays strong, even when you're ready to hang up your rod and reel. It's durability and reliability in one sleek, easy-to-handle package.

Bluetooth Boss: Real Power, No Surprises, Full Control 

Forget the guessing games. With our next-level Bluetooth app, you're in command—full stop. Track real-time stats like a Wall Street tycoon tracks stocks. Status? Check. Capacity? Got it. Amp draw? You bet. This app's not just bells and whistles; it's your mission control. Don't just go fishing, go conquering. Know what's up before, during, and after your excursion. No surprises, just the brutal, beautiful truth. Stay empowered, stay in the game.

Waterproof or Bust: A Charger that's as Serious as You Are

Most companies toss in a charger like it's an afterthought—usually some dry-use-only trinket that's as useful on a boat as a paper anchor. What's that got to do with the harsh marine environment you're braving? Zero. Zip. Nada. We’re breaking the mold. With us, you get a top-tier, INCLUDED 36V 15Amp waterproof charger. Because your boating adventure shouldn't be torpedoed by a second-rate charger. This isn't an "extra"—it's a mission-critical part of your arsenal. Your boat called; it said to stop messing around and get equipped for real.

98% Customers Are Satisfied

Anglers' Choice, Nationwide Trust

No Hype, Just Results

Put Us to the Test: A 60-Day Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee You Can Bet On

Look, we're not just fishing for compliments here. We want you head-over-reels in love with our batteries. That's why we give you a full 60 days to test this beast on the water. If it's not every bit the game-changer we claim it is, send it back. We’ll refund you 90% of your money—no questions, no hassles. Why the 10% restocking fee? It barely covers the round-trip on the shipping. We're not in the business of charging you to change your mind; we're in the business of revolutionizing your boat game. So go ahead, make us prove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Longhorn Lithium Batteries Waterproof?

Longhorn Lithium Deep Cycle batteries boast an impressive IP65 rating, ensuring they stand strong against both water and dust. Here's the lowdown:

Water Resilience: Our IP65 rating means these batteries can take on the typical splashes and sprays encountered in marine settings.

Sturdy Build: Crafted with durability in mind, these batteries are fortified to withstand the harsh conditions of water adventures.

Water Caution: While they can handle some water exposure, submerging them is a no-go. To maximize their lifespan, avoid prolonged underwater situations.

Safety Assurance: The IP65 rating isn't just for show; it safeguards your battery from dust and water, ensuring peak performance.

In essence, while Longhorn Lithium batteries aren't fully waterproof, their IP65 rating offers robust moisture protection, making them a dependable choice for your boating and fishing endeavors.

Can Longhorn Lithium Batteries Be Mounted in Any Position?

How Do I Maximize the Lifespan of My Longhorn Lithium Battery?

Do Longhorn Lithium Batteries Perform Poorly in Cold Weather?

  • 60 day money back guarantee