Ionic Batteries 12V 100Ah Dual Purpose Battery

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Ionic Batteries 12V 100Ah lithium battery is the perfect companion for your marine & RV adventures. Weighing 70% lighter than most lead-acid batteries, over time you’ll save loads in gas prices, not to mention wear and tear on your body. With zero-maintenance and an incredible service life of 3,000 to 5,000 cycles, this battery will go the distance.

Ionic's 12V 100Ah lithium battery has a cycle life between 3,000 to 5,000 cycles. On average, that’s a substantial 10 calendar years! And we can’t forget to mention capacity. With lithium, you can enjoy a capacity rating of 99%. Typical lead-acid batteries average between 50-60%. This means you’re having to charge your batteries far more often..


Model IC-12V100-EP4S
Voltage 12V
Capacity 100 Ah, 1280Wh
Chemistry LiFePo4
Weight 28.0 lbs (12.7kg)
Group 31 Dimensions 12.5″ (L) x 6.5″ (W) x 9.2″ (H) (319x165x234mm)
Life Cycles 3,000 @ 80% DOD
BMS Yes (Internal)
Max Charge Voltage 14.6±0.1V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage ~8.0V
Max Charge Current 50A
Max Discharge Current 100A
Peak Current (3S) 500A (3S)
Operating Temperature -20~60℃
BCI Group Size 31
Terminal 3/8th-16 UNC Thread
Water Rating Water Resistant



  • 900CCA that can be used as a starting battery for up to 250 hp Yamaha or Mercury motors
  • IONIC exceeds any charging or cranking requirements actually needed to work with the Mercury 4 stroke up to 250hp.  We have thousands of customers using them for cranking batteries sense late 2019 with no issues
  • 2-4x the service life (3,000 to 5,000 cycles on average)
  • Weighs 70% lighter than lead-acid batteries
  • Ideal for marine, RV, floor sweepers, lift gates, UPS systems, & solar energy storage
  • Easy to use Bluetooth technology – always know the status of your battery
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS) with power terminal cut-off & recovery
  • Built in cold weather protection – Does not take a charge if temperatures are below -4C or 24F in our case. Some variations with part tolerances.
  • Cell balancing and protection against low voltage/overvoltage
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Drop in replacements (plug and play)
  • Capable of connecting up to 4 batteries in series
  • Connect as many batteries as you’d like in parallel
  • Impressive 99% Depth Of Discharge (DOD)
  • Battery covered by an outstanding 11-year warranty.
  • Our 12V 100Ah battery is 100% compatible with Yamaha & Mercury motors
  • Works with the following chargers: Ionic, Noco Gen Pro, Dual Pro PS/ Auto, Minnkota Precision, Pro Mariner/Pro Tournament Elite, Stealth, Troll Bridge DC, and Power Pole.

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