VDO Marine NavBox Electronic Control Unit [A2C59501979]




NavBox Electronic Control Unit

The AcquaLink® NavBox is the core of the AcquaLink® VDO Marine system. It acts as a CPU and signal interface. The NavBox provides a wide range of digital and analog input possibilities. It supports up to four electronic engines (J1939 or NMEA 2000®) or one analog engine. It also features two VDO Marine Sumlog® paddle wheel sensor and one analog VDO Marine Windsensor connections, so legacy VDO Marine products can be used and brought to the digital age. 

NavSensor reads following analog data: 

  • Engine Oil Pressure 
  • Engine Oil Temperature 
  • Engine Coolant Temperature 
  • Transmission Oil Pressure 
  • Fresh Water, Waste Water and Fuel Level 
  • Voltage 
  • Rudder Angle 
  • Engine Frequency 
  • Battery Current 
  • Pyrometer 

It also features a NMEA 0183 input and output port as well as a buzzer output. All received data are converted and sent to the NMEA 2000® network and to the VDO Marine Bus. This gateway function allows displaying engine, liquid level, pressure, temperature and other vital information on any compatible display on the NMEA 2000® network or on designed VDO Marine AcquaLink® gauges or TFT Displays. 

The configuration of the NavBox can be done by using an AcquaLink® TFT and NavControl or by using the intuitive VDO Marine diagnostic tool.

  • Reverse polarity protection 
  • NMEA 2000® certified 
  • LED signal status indication 
  • Aluminum base plate 
  • Front & rear side protection rating IPX4 
  • 3x VDO Marine bus lines 
  • 1x J1939 CAN bus 
  • 1x NMEA 2000® bus 
  • 1x VDO Marine Analog Wind Sensor Input 
  • 2x VDO Marine Sumlog® Inputs 
  • AMP Super Seal power input 
  • 26 pin AUX input (analog signals, NMEA 0183) 
  • Operating temperature range -20°C/+70°C

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