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The Mealey Marine Graph Wiring Harness is the BEST wiring harness on the market for the purpose of running your marine electronics. Get the most out of your fish finders, whether it be Garmin, Lowrance, Humminbird or any other brand of depth finders, using this harness. Stop your units from flickering and get better image quality with the Mealey Marine Graph Wiring Harness.

The Twist of It

The Graph Wiring Harness is the BEST on the market because we start with quality components and design. We use high quality, 8awg insulated, marine grade, copper tinned wire. We concentrically twist the wires together to MINIMIZE INTERFERENCE, minimize the diameter of the harness and also add flexibility to the harness as a whole.

Concentrically twisting the wires together DRAMATICALLY REDUCES electromagnetic interference (EMI). The interference produced by one wire is cancelled out by the interference produced by the other wire since they are equal and opposite. The concentric twist also GREATLY REDUCES THE MAJORITY OF NOISE.  

Quality Components 

Our Graph Wiring Harness is built with the best materials available. As stated above, we use high quality 8awg, marine grade, copper tinned wire. We protect this wire with heat shrink tubing down the entire length of the harness. 

Where the console wires break away from the bow wire, we use a double walled breakout boot. This ensures the lengths stay correct and protects the wires as they are fed out at hard angles. We also use this double walled, break out boot at the bottom of the harness where the hot and ground wires are paired together. 

We use 40amp inline circuit breakers near the wire lugs to further protect your boat in the event of current overload! There is no need to carry extra fuses on hand due to the simplicity of the inline circuit breaker design. These circuit breakers are mounted onto a 1/4" thick piece of Starboard that has two slots milled into it. What are these slots for? They are for easy mounting using the traditional strap that comes with most battery trays. 

To connect the Graph Wiring Harness to the batteries, we use the highest quality machined wire lugs. These lugs are brass nickel plated and have a 5/18" hole to connect to the battery terminals. 

Connecting the harness to your graph wires is a breeze with our step down heat shrink butt connectors. Simply insert the harness wire into the red end and your graph wires into the yellow end. Crimp the connectors on both ends and apply heat for a watertight connection. These heat shrink connectors can handle up to FOUR 16awg wires (most graph power wires are 18awg). Spare heat shrink is included to double seal it, if so desired. 



 25' to Bow

15' to Console


8awg Marine Grade Copper Tinned Wire

Circuit Breakers

2 - 40amp Inline Circuit Breakers
Lugs 2 - Copper Tinned Machined Lugs, 5/16 Hole
Connectors 4 - Drop Down Heat Shrink Butt Connectors 

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