Tecnoseal Zinc Yamaha Trim Tab Anode f/150 - 225 HP Motors [01143]


Zinc Yamaha Trim Tab Anode for 150 - 225 HP Motors

A trim tab anode helps counteract the torque that a propeller creates, and levels out "prop-walk," which is a propeller's tendency to rotate concerning a vertical axis. Also, trim tab anodes can absorb various types of corrosion, helping alleviate corrosion to other parts of the boat.


  • Designed for 150-225 HP Yamaha motors
  • Meant for saltwater boat use
  • Boat type: Motorboat with outboard
  • Specific: Outboard


  • Material: Zinc
  • Weight: (lbs) 1.15 / (kg) 0.52


  • h: (inch) 3.43" / (mm) 87
  • Ø: (inch) 3.94" / (mm) 100
  • m: (mm) 10 x 1.25

*Sold as an Individual


  • Material: Zinc

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